VII Congress on Industrial Heritage and Civil Engineering TICCIH Spain As Pontes 5 / 8 July 2017

The VII Congress on Industrial Heritage and Civil Engineering that is to take place next July in As Pontes de García Rodríguez, A Coruña (Spain).

We are also asking for resolute support and full cooperation from all those institutions, foundations, colleges associations and other cultural, scientific and non-profit organizations interested in the protection, preservation and dissemination of Industrial Heritage and Civil Engineering.



Dates:  5th – 8th July 2017

Location: As Pontes de García Rodríguez (A Coruña).

Opening session: Wednesday, 5th July at 7 p.m.  Casa Dopeso Auditorium.

Saturday 8th July: Industrial route ’Light, Water and Coal. Landscapes under an open sky’.

Sunday 9th July: Guided tour of Fragas do Eume Old-Growth Forest and the Monastery of Caaveiro, including a visit to the hydroelectric power stations of Eume and Ventureira.

ENGLISH Program VII Congress Industrial Heritage TICCIH Spain 2017.PDF

Contact: Silvia Blanco


the main areas to be addressed at the 2017 Congress are as follows:.

1-The environmental impact of industrial development

This section will focus on physical and morphological alterations to territory resulting from industrial sectors such as mining, metal, energy, chemical, textile, consumer goods and infrastructures. The aim is to provide an explanation for each of the various phases of industrialization within their spatial and time contexts.

2.-Strategies for territorial regeneration

This area seeks to highlight private or public integral and palliative initiatives aimed at limiting or eradicating the negative environmental impact of economic activity. Aspects for consideration include the role of industrial heritage in regeneration processes, legislation, environmentalism, artistic interventions on the built and environmental heritage and infrastructures and new theoretical approaches to possible corrective measures and the adaptive reuse of industrial heritage.

3.-Landscape regeneration strategies: landscapes under an open pit 

This section will focus on the multi-dimensional aspects of the landscapes of industrialization, including: morphological, perceptive, scale, location, interpretative and conservation considerations. The focus will be on good practices and case studies of landscape activation that provide an insight into the current relationship between private enterprise, public administrations and patrimonial theory.

4.-Industrial Tourism

This area will pay special attention to the new cultural practices in industrial tourism (culture parks, routes and museums). Further aspects for analysis will include the training of experts and the creation of tourism companies capable of effectively promoting this sector. The key aim is to determine the relationship between the deactivated industrial heritage and factory tours as an alternative form of tourism, based on innovative, specific and educational projects targeting students and the general public, stemming from initiatives applied by education authorities and associations, designed to promote and raise awareness of our industrial heritage.


Abstract submissions:

Title (paper, poster)

Name(s) of the author(s)

Maximum 500 words

Written in English, Spanish and Galician-Portuguese

Mention of affiliation is mandatory

In the case of papers with several authors, please provide an email address and telephone number for the contact author.

Note: In the case of acceptance for presentation, the deadline for the submission of the full academic papers is May 31st 2017.

Papers must respect the guidelines provided.

Papers are subjected to a double-blind peer view process.

On this occasion, the Proceedings will be provided at the start of the Congress together with the other delegate documentation.

A forum will be set up during the sessions to discuss networking and the value of association in industrial heritage.

There will be an exhibition at the event venue displaying books, documents, audiovisual and graphic materials.

A list will be provided of restaurants offering special rates for congress delegates.

A list of hotels offering special rates for congress delegates will also be available. To book accommodation, or if you have any travel or accommodation queries, please send an email to or call +34 981 452 245

Congress delegates are also entitled to a rail travel discount (RENFE-Congresos voucher).